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.once upon a time.

time- 12.31 am

a new year finally come. hope this year will give full of enjoyable
and excitement memories. year 2010 has just passed. hari hari
yg dilalui semuanyer bercampur dgan suka dan duka. aku rase
tahun 2010 mreupakan tahun yg banyak duit dikeluarkan dan
tahun paling banyak aku travel terutama ke bhg. pantai timur.
as usual, every year there would be a bittersweet history.
i think some of my sweet memories are doing great in my last
foundation program and got a new lappy. =)

as for my bitter memories,, i'm not doing good in my 1st sem
of degree and ummmm,, (thinking...) okay, the memory corrupt.
hahaa.actually,, there are a LOT.

kalo nak musahabah diri mesti bnyak benda yg akan keluar kan?

now what? resolution? um,,masih belom difikirkan lagi.
nanty kluar lahh azam itu bila hari hari berlalu.


who sings better in live show?

for this post,, i only compare Hayley william and Katy Perry.
i just watched MTV world stage Live in Malaysia yesterday.
a lot of artists from oversea were performing during the
concert. one of them is katy perry. her voice so strong.
but, her live show not really good as hayley perform
live on stage. for katy, her voice dun really match with the
recorded album. nwhatever it is, i still love these 2 singer.
=)) biasalahh kan,, memang ramai penyanyi yg suara
mereka tdak surapa dlm album. haha!

new lappy!

yaa,, the moment i've waited finally arrived. I already got
my new laptop. HAHA! so excited lahh ! actually, it has been
bought last saturday with my family at the mines. rasenyer
itulah kali pertama pegi the mines KOT?. tp, x kesahlahh
kan. besides me, my sis also bought one. haha,
mmg mcm org kaya lah beli 2 laptop skali. tp, duet laen2
kan since she already work and earn monthly salary.
kalo ikotkan, mmg bnyk nak beli time tuh. hee
tp, bak kata pepatah, "jangan terlalu ikotkan nafsu"
jd sekadar laptop sajalah.. i'm so so so grateful.

upcoming gadget to be bought:

1) external HDD



date- 11/12/2010
venue- TGV cinema, Jusco Seremban 2.
time - 11.40 pm

just watched narnia 3d last night. it was really cool with wide
screen. this is my 2nd i watched movie in 3d. the first movie
i watched in 3d was RAPUNZEL THE TANGLED TALE with
my sister a week before narnia coming up to cinema. the best
part about narnia is i watched with my family ( parents and sister)
excluding my eldest brother. this is my first time watched movie
with family at cinema. and it is really cool!
to anyone like fantasy movie should loooooveee this movie.
it is just fascinating! at first i thought this
movie will be a long movie just like narnia 1 and narnia 2. but
after looking at my watched, " ouhh, it is just one hour and half"
but still full of adventure, emotional, and action. (i guess so).

to those who haven't watch this movie should give it a try=))
i was counting time when the 2nd part of the Harry Potter
and Deathly Hollow will be come out into cinema.
i just can't wait!

p/s- if you do not w…

result ohh result.

yeah,, it's not what i've imagine. but still glad with my
result for this 1st semester in degree. maybe i should
work harder after this. now i agree with people who
said that degree's life is much harder than what
examination that i've gone through before this.
i'm also should be thankful as i do not have any
course to repeat. alhamdulillah. let bygone be bygone.

p/s- "you cannot pass without any failure" (i dunno who the person
had wrote this quote but this word just "pop" in my head)

new year eve.

salam maal hijrah yg ke 1432 hijrah.
hari ini 2 muharam.

hopefully,, tahun baru hijrah ini dapatlah aku berubah ke yg
lebih baik dari sebelum2 ini.insyaalla.untuk berubah
ke yg lebih baik bnyak sangat dugaannya kan? tapi
itulah dinamakan pengorbanan. oh ye, teringat aku satu
pepatah ne " kalau nak kan sesuatu mesti korbankan
sesuatu". jadi betulkah ungkapan ini?. to me maybe yes
and maybe no. mungkin semua yg kita impikan kita boleh
dapat dan itu adalah sangat pasti. jadi itulah pengorbanan
kan. whatever it is, we just plan,, but god knows the best for us.
we just need to pray and pray.

last word-- think about it!=)

take a time.

mase berlalu terlalu pantas. pejam celik sudah 2 minggu lebih rasenye
aku bercuti. ramai yang tanya tak keje ke cuti ne? hurm,,ak rase waktu
terlalu singkat untuk bekerja dlam mase sebulan lebih ne. takpelah,
mungkin akhir semester 2 kot. hahaa. in the last two weeks and including
this week, i have watched 2 movies. one of them was Harry Potter and
the Deathly Hollows (Part 1).
the movie review-- i think it is a must watch movie lah. too many emotions
for this first part. the last movie will be beat part i guess. just can't wait
to see the 2nd part on march.

the latest i just watched was a malay movie entitiled "Ngankung".
the review-- hahaha..the genre: horror/comedy. so hillllariiiouss!
that's all i can say..but when it comes to the ending, a little bit boring.
but it is a nice movie to watch.

other than that, futsal game also included in my holiday schedule.
i think this December will be a lot of interesting movie coming up into
the cinema. can't wait to watch NARNIA.haha.


let this go.

seriously,, i'm not really into this song before. but after i heard
this song at the theo paramore show on 19/10,, phewww, really
really stuckkk into this song.actually, this song is taken from
their 1st album, so i rarely hear their songs on this album.
during their show in BUKIT JALIL,, they played acoustics version.
i think whether the real version and the acoustics version
both are best to hear. ohh yaa,, the song that i'm talking about is
"never let this go".the lyrics so so meaningful.(i guess so)..haha.

to those never heard this song can find it on youtube,,or download
it lahh. simply the best. that all i can say. i keep on playing this song.
heelll yeahh.!


HAPPY EID ADHA. maybe its a bit too late. but still i wanna
wish to all. mungkin bg sesetengah org raya qurban tidaklah
sehebat hari raya aidil fitri. kenapa? yea, mungkin sebab raya
aidilfitri semua umat islam diwajibkan berpuasa dan merasakan
itulah pengorbanan terbesar. tapi bg yg mengerjakan haji dan
ibadah qurban sudah semestinya raya qurban merupakan
satu hari yg sangat bererti. ohh ya, maybe a lot of people
wonders what is the real sacrifice?? i think the real sacrifice
is how we as a slave worshiping to god (ALLAH).

mungkin juga pengorbanan yg terbaik ialah mengamalkan
segala ajaran rasulullah s.a.w. yea,, different people have different
thought about this. itu terpulanglah kepada masing2. kan?

.late night.

ohh yaa, sudah lame juga ak tidak post blog yg baru since baru saja lepas
final exam. my review for the final:: yah,it's kinda tough from what i thought.
totally different from my last foundation exam. this time if you dun understand
the concept you are a dead-meat. selepas berapa2 hari exam baru aku ingat
yang my brother and my sister have reminded me that degree is different.
apa2 pon tawakal semoga result this 1st semester will be high.

cuti ini mungkin agak bosan kerana rasenyer budak2 uitm je kot? yang
da start cuti..uni laen baru nak start exam. hahah! mungkin cuty ne aku akan
bnyak tulis blog dan maen game. kalo ikot kan banyak benda yg bole buat
cuti,,let see how its going lah!

bye for now!=)

p/s: best of lucks for those taking examination!


19th oct 2010.

maybe this post is a little bit too late. but, i wanna write about
the paramore concert i have been. ini mungkin kali pertama
i bought a ticket just wanna watch my favorite band perform
live in front of me. pada mulanye nak beli tiket yg 4th punye
sitting tp alang2 nk pegi baek pilih yg terbaek kan??
hhoho! biasanye concert2 luar negara mesti jatuh hari-hari
yg clash dengan time table. but this time, i was free from
anything. yeeeahh! i was so excited to see paramore live.

but believe me, if u were there, you will get jealous with people
with rockzone ticket. maybe next time if they come to malaysia
again i'll buy that ticket.hahaha. tp dpt 3rd sitting pon ape kurangnye.
still can rock with them.

okay, back to the concert. i really can't describe by words actually.
hahaa.what can i say the concert was AWESOME, ROCKS and
SUPERB!! hohoho! that was too much aite. with the crowds
sing along with the band. IT WAS SOOOOO AMAZING!
hayley sang just like the recording album. sometimes

the burden over!

hum,, minggu ini memang sangat memenatkan. hampir setiap hari
ada test. n last but not least, got one presentation also.
so grateful it has ended. memang susah test2 pada kali ini
tertuma analogue. i dunno why it is so hard for me to understand
this course. hopefully, i'll understand better b4 the final begin about three
weeks from now. "hidup ini kadang2 pahit tp esok kan masih ada" -taken
from KAMI (i guess so). jadi apa pun kita mesti teruskan juga.
jika tiada pahit, manis pasti akan jemu dengan kita.
hidup tidak akan selalunya manis.
dan tidak akan hitam selamanye.

trust me!=)))

syawal itu meriah!

syawal yg begitu meriah tahun nie even rmai juge member2 yg ak dgar
demam pada 1 SYAWAL.i'm just felt grateful to Allah for giving me a good
health this eid. in the 1st syawal, as usual my family and i went to my atok
and wan houses. its very special for my family as we can finish visiting my
parent's parent in ONE day!.hahaa.all my grandpa and grandma houses
just somewhere in negeri sembilan. we dun need to "balik kampong" like
the others lah..

pada raye ke-3,,agk spesel juga thun ne xpenah dibuat thun seblumnye.
kami sekluarga pegi melawat paklang di TERENGGANU.hehe!
it was a very loooonnngg journey.hahaa.ponek den dok dlm
kereta. watever it is, best juge dpat jumpe sepupu2 di
terengganu yg tlah lame tdak ketemu..hehehe.

raye ke-4 hingga ke-6..
pecah rekod tahun ini pg raye rumah kwan2. and the best part was
when my smad klana batch unite together..almost 20 person joined
visiting our frens houses.agak meriah juge tahun ne sbb bnyk uamh
kwn2 yg xpnah pg sblm ne dpat pg. a lot of p…

.a long-long way to..

it has been been a month since my last's kinda busy rite
now. ramadhan pon berlalu dgn pntas. agk kerugian jikalau tidak merebut
pleuang to praying a lot to Allah. yeah, as our age become older, it is so hard
to find time to pray.we're just busy with our things in this world.hummm..
maybe after we retired or in other words 'OLD' we'll find a lot of time.
but, the point is are we really confident we'll reach that age??
think about it.

bila dekat nak raya, mesti kedai2 akn dpenuhi dgn orang ramai untuk
meraikan hari lebaran yg bakal tiba. aku lihat wajah keriangan setiap
umat yg berkunjung di shopping complex. (just same as me).=p

dikesempatan ini, i wanna wish to all muslim happy eid mubarak!
maaf zahir n batin.

p/s: agak blur mlm2 ne tulis blog!hhehee


yeah, it has been a while since i return to my sweet home.
argghh! the uitm schedule for the1st semester was really packed.
2 weeks in row my weekend were taken away with the program.
however, it's already over now.phewww,, what a relieved.!
so tired with those program.

so,,i'm home now.dapat juga jumpe parents..hahahaa
jika duduk di kolej pasti duet akan habis dengan ptptn
yg bermasalah..hopefully,, i'll get the result for the 3rd batch.
mungkin ada hikmahnye kot dapat lmbat.hahahaa

better get rest now!

.DEgrEEE life.

okay,,just started the 1st week of degree's studies usual, the
first week so NOT good.everything seems to be complicated.
so tired with the class with no lecturer.hahaa!
hope the time table will be okay soon enough.frankly,i really dun like
this semester time table as there will be a class after friday's prayer.
susah nak balik kotttt!!.

after this while, i realized that my past PLKN certificate really useful.
i got exception credit for kokorikulum in this semester.(only this sem okay)

for the group,,i got foreigners in my class.reaallly TALL man!hahaa..
mcm adik beradik usain bolt ngn samuel eto lahhh!!hahahaaa..
never talk to him yet..maybe soon.hahaha.

okay,,i'll update later on for more stories..hee=))

3...2...1.. and go!

yeah,the time has i'll pursue my study in UiTM shah alam.
all the things i hv packed yesterday.hopefully,,there will be nothing left
behind.the orientation week would be tiring and i will be happy if former
UiTM's foundation students are excluded into the list.hahahaa.
but,,it is just slightly possible will be happened.=)))

so, start the new season with good thoughts n high possibilities!

here we go again...!

setelah berbulan-bulan menghabiskan mase untuk makan dan
tido yg secukupnyaa,,akhirnye tibelahh mase untuk belajar
semula.""alwaqtu kassaiff""(waktu itu seperti pedang)..
yup,its really true.rasenye bnyak cuty2 telah dihabiskan
dengan perkare tidak berfaedah.hahaa..i should get a job but
i didn',,i got nothing.just making large size for my waist.

well,,the good news,i still manage to get my favorite university
(i guess so) for the UPU..yeah,,it is UiTM.and i got my first
choice course-electrical engineering.hopefully i'll succeed with
this course.

it's just a week before a day of the regestration.haha.jadi,aku
akn habiskn mase2 cuty yg ade ini spenuhnyee.i can't wait
to see my old friends in UiTM.. i think many of my foudation
programme friends continue with UiTM..haha.
see you there=))

hari-hari indahh =))

it has been a while since my last update.quite busy with my
brother "along" wedding preparation.after all, the wedding day
was ending superbly.though i was sooo tired on that day.
hahaa.kaki ini rase mcm merentas desa pulakk..

this is my first time,,my family arrange a wedding day.
so,that's it!!now, i know how hard to arrange a wedding day.
next stop, it will be my sister okayyy..not me!
di sini ada secebis kenangan daripada hari perkahwinan yg
lalu.sory,,i'll not upload so much pics in this blog.if u wanna see
so more pics.go to facebook!yaayy!

well, one of these pics was not captured at my house. you should
know by yourself.hahaa.hopefully,,this gonna be a happy endinggg!

new outcome.

yea,i know i just celebrated my "old day"(like my friends said in fb)
few days ago. gosh,this year many of friends have wished me.
i'm really really appreciate it.thanks a lot.i should write my
birthday, day after my birthday.eventually, i have to go to kelantan for
my brother's wedding day.hahaa.(i got new sister).
um,for my birthday..i celebrated together with my father night
before going to kelantan. we celebrated together with my cousins
with new "secret recipe" GREAT!.i wish i can make
delicious cake like them.hahahaa.

with my new age i hope i can better than before.
oh yeah!

p/s;;sorry no pics of my birthday.i dun even remember which camera
took my picture.hahaa

the class of party.

as promised, here are some of those reunion pics.hahaaa.
i think i can upload three pics only as i'm too lazy to copy pics
and save into my computer.i took the best part of the reunion
where all my friends were's so so memorable!

once again,,really good to see them since 4 years ago.
hope to see them again in future..

reunion party(29/5/2010)

it has been a long time seen i met my form 1 until form 3 batch.phewww~
i note that many of them have changed a LOT.from small became big,,
from fat became thin,, from short became tall etc.. i love to see this!
i'm wondering what would they become another 5 years.some of
the girls could have been married.hahaa.that is the truth.girls
marry earlier than guys??rite?hee=p

actually,,i'm quite sad as i can't join them from the beginning. i had
futsal tournament. the tournament was suck! i dun like this competition.
i'm also new to team. we're not really connected to each,
in the end,,we LOST. i've thought that from the beginning.
we dun even practice together as we're never play together before.
so sad.=( what i feel for in this team its kinda personal.
so,i kept it secret.

so,,back to the reunion story. i'll try upload some of those pics in this blog.
i'll steal them from my frens album in facebook for sure.hahaaa.
serve me rite for forgetting to bring alon…

new widget.


i just wanna let you know i have added the widget in this blog.
hahaa..feel free to ask! i'll answer them as honest as possible. but dun worry,
i'm not kind of man love to lie. actually, i dun even know what kind of website
it is at first. then i saw many people use it. so,why should i give a try?aite? is okay with me if you ask me anonymously or with your details.

i love question!! =p

the eye.

here the fact.why i like eyes so much?maybe some of us have same
interest with me,rite?..okay,okay.i like to share some of thought i like
about "eyes".

oh yes,eyes are wonderful gift of Allah has given to us.we should be grateful.
sometimes,we cannot use our eyes for the right things.i also sometimes or maybe
"always" falsely use my eyes.its very,back to the story.why eyes so special?
for me, from looking someone eyes i can see the truth.with eyes, i can know everything
what has happened. it occurs sometimes.not all time okay.dun get me wrong.i'm some kind
of wizard or anything related to the satan. we should only trust Allah.its just how we use our

unfortunately,there are some people who are blind and can't see the truth.poor them.
so, use your eyes well.

.sing along with me.

i just love this song.come, sing with me!

here, the lyrics.

I'm going away for a while
But I'll be back
Don't try to follow me
'Cause I'll return as soon as possible
See, I'm trying to find my place
But it might not be here where I feel safe

We all learn to make mistakes
And run from them, from them
With no direction
We'll run from them, from them
With no conviction

'Cause I'm just one of those ghosts
Travelin' endlessly
Don't need no roads
In fact, they follow me
And we just go in circles

And now I'm told that this is life
That pain is just a simple compromise
So we can get what we want out of it

Would someone care to classify?
Our broken hearts and twisted minds
So I can find someone to rely on
And run to them, to them
Full speed ahead
Oh, you are not useless
We are just

Misguided ghosts
Travelin' endlessly
The ones we trusted the most
Pushed us far away
And there's no one road
We should not be the same
But I'm just a ghost
And still they echo me
They echo me…

.a white coffee.

what i wrote here are straight from my heart, my thought and my sight.
it is my apology to someone feels hurt, annoy or any other bad words.

to someone has known me, maybe the don't really know me or they do
know me. for me, i'll like to be different than anybody else. even though
sometimes i try to copy someone image.haha.whatever it is, i love being myself.
*chill*.actually, i wanna write about three days ago which is very familiar to us.
what is it?yeah,you do know that was a "mother's day".i know some
of us like to celebrate this "good" day.some of us might like writing a card written
"happy mother's day" on the is good actually remember our mother.
but, i dun feel that way.we should remember our mother day in and day out.
there is no need to make a specific day to remember our beloved-father and mother.
if we make days to remember our beloved parent, what about the other days??
yeah,they could be forgotten.(i guess so)..

i think it…

free day!

yesterday i went to terminal one, seremban to watched "iron man 2".
The movie was SO great even though i didn't watch the first one., sometimes it makes me wonder what happened back then.
actually, i didn't feel to watch this movie even though it is cool.hahaa
wanna know why?it was "sunday" n first thing come to my mind
there'll no ticket for such movie..watever it is, it just my lucky day.

i watched this movie with my best friend. we were friend since i was 13.
he really really a good friend.sadly, he will be not here-malaysia, next month
to further his studies.just wish him best of lucks.i hope we can get the certificate of
degree or maybe master in our course program.

i used to think to write even more longer.but i dunno why i can't write.the ideas
come from my mind so many.however, i just can confess the ideas in writing.
or maybe it is because of my heart to keep all the things secret..hopefully,
i can write more and more soon.

so bored!

everyday,every minute,every second passed.
it'll be so bored if not fulfilled with some kind of activities.
this is what happening to me now..hahaaa..
dunno what to do lah!
it was great finished my foundation early than anyone else.
but it will be such a boredom when there are no activities during
the holidays..

guys,come on..let's play futsal!


.muvee tyme.

whoaa,,I just watched "GAMBLING APOCALYPSE KAIJI" the movie.
it was so damn cool and really keeps our mind thinking(maybe). first i thought it just like other gambler's stories and after
i saw it...humm,,it was really good.. the story lane also quite attracting i guess.
from 5 stars mybe i will give 4 star kot.hahahaa.

till here,,bye!

.a cup of tea for a soul.

sadly,deeply in my heart to see my fren which i think hv struggled very much
to me (or more precisely "us") get upset n feeling very down.
i should say, "believe that there is a light behind the dark cloud"
dun worry, god will be always beside u..
just keep praying.


very-very lucky.

negeri sembilan vs kedah.
FA cup final..congrats to negeri for winning this competition.
hopefully,,u guys will win more and more cups for the future..
to kedah,,u guys dun get upset as u should win the title.
it is just not ur lucky day.hahahaaa..
watever it is,,i'm still proud born in n9.hahaaa..


new post.

well,it has been a long time since my last time update., back to the roots..bnyk permulaan dah berakhir.
akhirnye asasi kejuruteraan di uitm && result yg baru keluar baru2 ne
mmbuatkn hati kegembiraan walaupon agk keresahan melihat result yg
menrun from my last semester..nevertheless,,i'm still glad with the result.
what i've been doing in uitm cost a lot to my results.hahaaa..

xtaw nak kate ape lg..ape2 i'll update a.s.a.p oke!