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finally, after the hardest semester i've been through  so far had really
made my day shine again. alhamdulillah, thanks Allah! the result came out
really shocked me. the most subject i'm worried bout; micro-p suddenly
push up my cgpa pointer. sangat tak sangka!

whatever it is, thanks to all my group members; daus, anis n reen.
terima kasih kerana telah bersama sama menyiapkan projek micropy.
terima kasih juga kepada semua member yang telah banyak menolong.
really relieved.*sigh*

for the upcoming semester, i hope it will be better than a very stressful
semester 3. btw, this semester break i've been occupied with many things.
watch tv series really made my all day. HAHA! i've watched korean "city hunter"
and i think this series a bit different than common korean series.
you should watch it!

ok then.later.!