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.DEgrEEE life.

okay,,just started the 1st week of degree's studies usual, the
first week so NOT good.everything seems to be complicated.
so tired with the class with no lecturer.hahaa!
hope the time table will be okay soon enough.frankly,i really dun like
this semester time table as there will be a class after friday's prayer.
susah nak balik kotttt!!.

after this while, i realized that my past PLKN certificate really useful.
i got exception credit for kokorikulum in this semester.(only this sem okay)

for the group,,i got foreigners in my class.reaallly TALL man!hahaa..
mcm adik beradik usain bolt ngn samuel eto lahhh!!hahahaaa..
never talk to him yet..maybe soon.hahaha.

okay,,i'll update later on for more stories..hee=))