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trip to pangkor!

here we are again, as promised, if I got some space,
I will post some pictures from the trip. hehe

day 1;
arrived at Lumut, Perak. friday, 14th of Nov. 2012

day 2;
snorkerling--banana boat--kayak--storm(not include in the package) but
one of the best activity. cubalah! hehe:)

day 3;
inilah satu gambar yang ada. banyak gambar tapi belum amek
dari owner camera. haha

rasenye itu saje. it such a worthy experience. well,, see ya in
the next post.!

take a break!

hello bloggers,
da lama dah aku tak menulis nampak caranya.
actually aku terpikir nak close this blog and make a new one.
hahaa..(mcm artis plak kan nak kena buat blog baru bagai).
cuma tak tahulah, kadang terpikir nak buat sesuatu yang
baru kenalah tinggalkan yang lame. tapi ape pon yang
lame tak bole kita lupakan walaupun pahit. hehe

ape pon. itu sume dalam perancangan. btw, a new journey
has already begun. part 5 seems to be hard for me. all courses
are tough. hehe. watever it is, life must go on. hopefully, will
going through this semester with flying colors.

well, first opening of semester 5 seems to be one of my best
memories. holiday with classmates in pulau pangkor was such
a great experience. 1st time rasenye naik ferry, banana boat,
snorkeling. thanks to all my friends for giving me such experience.

jika ada kesempatan, I'll post some pcitures from the trip.

till here,,