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19th oct 2010.

maybe this post is a little bit too late. but, i wanna write about
the paramore concert i have been. ini mungkin kali pertama
i bought a ticket just wanna watch my favorite band perform
live in front of me. pada mulanye nak beli tiket yg 4th punye
sitting tp alang2 nk pegi baek pilih yg terbaek kan??
hhoho! biasanye concert2 luar negara mesti jatuh hari-hari
yg clash dengan time table. but this time, i was free from
anything. yeeeahh! i was so excited to see paramore live.

but believe me, if u were there, you will get jealous with people
with rockzone ticket. maybe next time if they come to malaysia
again i'll buy that ticket.hahaha. tp dpt 3rd sitting pon ape kurangnye.
still can rock with them.

okay, back to the concert. i really can't describe by words actually.
hahaa.what can i say the concert was AWESOME, ROCKS and
SUPERB!! hohoho! that was too much aite. with the crowds
sing along with the band. IT WAS SOOOOO AMAZING!
hayley sang just like the recording album. sometimes

the burden over!

hum,, minggu ini memang sangat memenatkan. hampir setiap hari
ada test. n last but not least, got one presentation also.
so grateful it has ended. memang susah test2 pada kali ini
tertuma analogue. i dunno why it is so hard for me to understand
this course. hopefully, i'll understand better b4 the final begin about three
weeks from now. "hidup ini kadang2 pahit tp esok kan masih ada" -taken
from KAMI (i guess so). jadi apa pun kita mesti teruskan juga.
jika tiada pahit, manis pasti akan jemu dengan kita.
hidup tidak akan selalunya manis.
dan tidak akan hitam selamanye.

trust me!=)))