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.once upon a time.

time- 12.31 am

a new year finally come. hope this year will give full of enjoyable
and excitement memories. year 2010 has just passed. hari hari
yg dilalui semuanyer bercampur dgan suka dan duka. aku rase
tahun 2010 mreupakan tahun yg banyak duit dikeluarkan dan
tahun paling banyak aku travel terutama ke bhg. pantai timur.
as usual, every year there would be a bittersweet history.
i think some of my sweet memories are doing great in my last
foundation program and got a new lappy. =)

as for my bitter memories,, i'm not doing good in my 1st sem
of degree and ummmm,, (thinking...) okay, the memory corrupt.
hahaa.actually,, there are a LOT.

kalo nak musahabah diri mesti bnyak benda yg akan keluar kan?

now what? resolution? um,,masih belom difikirkan lagi.
nanty kluar lahh azam itu bila hari hari berlalu.


who sings better in live show?

for this post,, i only compare Hayley william and Katy Perry.
i just watched MTV world stage Live in Malaysia yesterday.
a lot of artists from oversea were performing during the
concert. one of them is katy perry. her voice so strong.
but, her live show not really good as hayley perform
live on stage. for katy, her voice dun really match with the
recorded album. nwhatever it is, i still love these 2 singer.
=)) biasalahh kan,, memang ramai penyanyi yg suara
mereka tdak surapa dlm album. haha!

new lappy!

yaa,, the moment i've waited finally arrived. I already got
my new laptop. HAHA! so excited lahh ! actually, it has been
bought last saturday with my family at the mines. rasenyer
itulah kali pertama pegi the mines KOT?. tp, x kesahlahh
kan. besides me, my sis also bought one. haha,
mmg mcm org kaya lah beli 2 laptop skali. tp, duet laen2
kan since she already work and earn monthly salary.
kalo ikotkan, mmg bnyk nak beli time tuh. hee
tp, bak kata pepatah, "jangan terlalu ikotkan nafsu"
jd sekadar laptop sajalah.. i'm so so so grateful.

upcoming gadget to be bought:

1) external HDD



date- 11/12/2010
venue- TGV cinema, Jusco Seremban 2.
time - 11.40 pm

just watched narnia 3d last night. it was really cool with wide
screen. this is my 2nd i watched movie in 3d. the first movie
i watched in 3d was RAPUNZEL THE TANGLED TALE with
my sister a week before narnia coming up to cinema. the best
part about narnia is i watched with my family ( parents and sister)
excluding my eldest brother. this is my first time watched movie
with family at cinema. and it is really cool!
to anyone like fantasy movie should loooooveee this movie.
it is just fascinating! at first i thought this
movie will be a long movie just like narnia 1 and narnia 2. but
after looking at my watched, " ouhh, it is just one hour and half"
but still full of adventure, emotional, and action. (i guess so).

to those who haven't watch this movie should give it a try=))
i was counting time when the 2nd part of the Harry Potter
and Deathly Hollow will be come out into cinema.
i just can't wait!

p/s- if you do not w…

result ohh result.

yeah,, it's not what i've imagine. but still glad with my
result for this 1st semester in degree. maybe i should
work harder after this. now i agree with people who
said that degree's life is much harder than what
examination that i've gone through before this.
i'm also should be thankful as i do not have any
course to repeat. alhamdulillah. let bygone be bygone.

p/s- "you cannot pass without any failure" (i dunno who the person
had wrote this quote but this word just "pop" in my head)

new year eve.

salam maal hijrah yg ke 1432 hijrah.
hari ini 2 muharam.

hopefully,, tahun baru hijrah ini dapatlah aku berubah ke yg
lebih baik dari sebelum2 ini.insyaalla.untuk berubah
ke yg lebih baik bnyak sangat dugaannya kan? tapi
itulah dinamakan pengorbanan. oh ye, teringat aku satu
pepatah ne " kalau nak kan sesuatu mesti korbankan
sesuatu". jadi betulkah ungkapan ini?. to me maybe yes
and maybe no. mungkin semua yg kita impikan kita boleh
dapat dan itu adalah sangat pasti. jadi itulah pengorbanan
kan. whatever it is, we just plan,, but god knows the best for us.
we just need to pray and pray.

last word-- think about it!=)