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the class of party.

as promised, here are some of those reunion pics.hahaaa.
i think i can upload three pics only as i'm too lazy to copy pics
and save into my computer.i took the best part of the reunion
where all my friends were's so so memorable!

once again,,really good to see them since 4 years ago.
hope to see them again in future..

reunion party(29/5/2010)

it has been a long time seen i met my form 1 until form 3 batch.phewww~
i note that many of them have changed a LOT.from small became big,,
from fat became thin,, from short became tall etc.. i love to see this!
i'm wondering what would they become another 5 years.some of
the girls could have been married.hahaa.that is the truth.girls
marry earlier than guys??rite?hee=p

actually,,i'm quite sad as i can't join them from the beginning. i had
futsal tournament. the tournament was suck! i dun like this competition.
i'm also new to team. we're not really connected to each,
in the end,,we LOST. i've thought that from the beginning.
we dun even practice together as we're never play together before.
so sad.=( what i feel for in this team its kinda personal.
so,i kept it secret.

so,,back to the reunion story. i'll try upload some of those pics in this blog.
i'll steal them from my frens album in facebook for sure.hahaaa.
serve me rite for forgetting to bring alon…

new widget.


i just wanna let you know i have added the widget in this blog.
hahaa..feel free to ask! i'll answer them as honest as possible. but dun worry,
i'm not kind of man love to lie. actually, i dun even know what kind of website
it is at first. then i saw many people use it. so,why should i give a try?aite? is okay with me if you ask me anonymously or with your details.

i love question!! =p

the eye.

here the fact.why i like eyes so much?maybe some of us have same
interest with me,rite?..okay,okay.i like to share some of thought i like
about "eyes".

oh yes,eyes are wonderful gift of Allah has given to us.we should be grateful.
sometimes,we cannot use our eyes for the right things.i also sometimes or maybe
"always" falsely use my eyes.its very,back to the story.why eyes so special?
for me, from looking someone eyes i can see the truth.with eyes, i can know everything
what has happened. it occurs sometimes.not all time okay.dun get me wrong.i'm some kind
of wizard or anything related to the satan. we should only trust Allah.its just how we use our

unfortunately,there are some people who are blind and can't see the truth.poor them.
so, use your eyes well.

.sing along with me.

i just love this song.come, sing with me!

here, the lyrics.

I'm going away for a while
But I'll be back
Don't try to follow me
'Cause I'll return as soon as possible
See, I'm trying to find my place
But it might not be here where I feel safe

We all learn to make mistakes
And run from them, from them
With no direction
We'll run from them, from them
With no conviction

'Cause I'm just one of those ghosts
Travelin' endlessly
Don't need no roads
In fact, they follow me
And we just go in circles

And now I'm told that this is life
That pain is just a simple compromise
So we can get what we want out of it

Would someone care to classify?
Our broken hearts and twisted minds
So I can find someone to rely on
And run to them, to them
Full speed ahead
Oh, you are not useless
We are just

Misguided ghosts
Travelin' endlessly
The ones we trusted the most
Pushed us far away
And there's no one road
We should not be the same
But I'm just a ghost
And still they echo me
They echo me…

.a white coffee.

what i wrote here are straight from my heart, my thought and my sight.
it is my apology to someone feels hurt, annoy or any other bad words.

to someone has known me, maybe the don't really know me or they do
know me. for me, i'll like to be different than anybody else. even though
sometimes i try to copy someone image.haha.whatever it is, i love being myself.
*chill*.actually, i wanna write about three days ago which is very familiar to us.
what is it?yeah,you do know that was a "mother's day".i know some
of us like to celebrate this "good" day.some of us might like writing a card written
"happy mother's day" on the is good actually remember our mother.
but, i dun feel that way.we should remember our mother day in and day out.
there is no need to make a specific day to remember our beloved-father and mother.
if we make days to remember our beloved parent, what about the other days??
yeah,they could be forgotten.(i guess so)..

i think it…

free day!

yesterday i went to terminal one, seremban to watched "iron man 2".
The movie was SO great even though i didn't watch the first one., sometimes it makes me wonder what happened back then.
actually, i didn't feel to watch this movie even though it is cool.hahaa
wanna know why?it was "sunday" n first thing come to my mind
there'll no ticket for such movie..watever it is, it just my lucky day.

i watched this movie with my best friend. we were friend since i was 13.
he really really a good friend.sadly, he will be not here-malaysia, next month
to further his studies.just wish him best of lucks.i hope we can get the certificate of
degree or maybe master in our course program.

i used to think to write even more longer.but i dunno why i can't write.the ideas
come from my mind so many.however, i just can confess the ideas in writing.
or maybe it is because of my heart to keep all the things secret..hopefully,
i can write more and more soon.