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believe or rely on?

hye again. I think its quite a while I made up stories of my life.
now, I want to share some of my points of view on "believe".
as we all know, believe is just a word that shows how we trust
someone or something. but, how deep is your believe???
Sometimes it is hard to believe someone even though
he/she always stay by our side. because of what?
because of our heart tell us to do so. it maybe takes hours or
days or even years for us to believe in someone. it depends
on what kind of person are we.

um, that it. kadang bila mana kite percaya kat seseorg
ia akan membawa kerosakan pada kita ataupun sebaliknya.
tapi kita takkan berjaya tanpa percaya. masakan ade bangunan
yg tinggi jika kita tidak percaya kita mampu membuatnya?
masakan kita mampu pergi ke bulan jika tidak percaya?
kita percaya wujudnya Allah. kepercayaan yg kuat
membuatkan kita yakin Allah sentiasa berda di sisi hambanya.

however, in some point we just believe because we rely on to it.
As an example, we further our…

ACSW 2012

pejam celik pejam celik dah nak msok bulan 5.
lame x update blog ne kan. um, sepatutnye aku post benda ne
dah lame dah tp baru skarang ade mase.HAHA. actually, quite lazy
and dun get any ideas to post about this thing. well, as stated in the title,
ACSW(advance communication skill workshop) was the one camp
that influence people to speak out english as a medium in daily
conversation. it does not really improve our english but the main 
objective is let us have the confidence to speak.
this camp was held on 30/3-1/4. dah lame kan..baru nak tulis. haha.
I think this is the first camp I've entered voluntarily in uitm.HEHE.
sebenarnye mmg malas nak masuk ape ape.

however, after being pressured by my friend and I found that many
my classmate joined it, I agreed to, next time if          
you want me to go somewhere, just pressure me. sure, I'll will follow
in the end. LOL! other reason is to support my friend who one of the ajk
of this camp. many activities were c…