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take a time.

mase berlalu terlalu pantas. pejam celik sudah 2 minggu lebih rasenye
aku bercuti. ramai yang tanya tak keje ke cuti ne? hurm,,ak rase waktu
terlalu singkat untuk bekerja dlam mase sebulan lebih ne. takpelah,
mungkin akhir semester 2 kot. hahaa. in the last two weeks and including
this week, i have watched 2 movies. one of them was Harry Potter and
the Deathly Hollows (Part 1).
the movie review-- i think it is a must watch movie lah. too many emotions
for this first part. the last movie will be beat part i guess. just can't wait
to see the 2nd part on march.

the latest i just watched was a malay movie entitiled "Ngankung".
the review-- hahaha..the genre: horror/comedy. so hillllariiiouss!
that's all i can say..but when it comes to the ending, a little bit boring.
but it is a nice movie to watch.

other than that, futsal game also included in my holiday schedule.
i think this December will be a lot of interesting movie coming up into
the cinema. can't wait to watch NARNIA.haha.


let this go.

seriously,, i'm not really into this song before. but after i heard
this song at the theo paramore show on 19/10,, phewww, really
really stuckkk into this song.actually, this song is taken from
their 1st album, so i rarely hear their songs on this album.
during their show in BUKIT JALIL,, they played acoustics version.
i think whether the real version and the acoustics version
both are best to hear. ohh yaa,, the song that i'm talking about is
"never let this go".the lyrics so so meaningful.(i guess so)..haha.

to those never heard this song can find it on youtube,,or download
it lahh. simply the best. that all i can say. i keep on playing this song.
heelll yeahh.!


HAPPY EID ADHA. maybe its a bit too late. but still i wanna
wish to all. mungkin bg sesetengah org raya qurban tidaklah
sehebat hari raya aidil fitri. kenapa? yea, mungkin sebab raya
aidilfitri semua umat islam diwajibkan berpuasa dan merasakan
itulah pengorbanan terbesar. tapi bg yg mengerjakan haji dan
ibadah qurban sudah semestinya raya qurban merupakan
satu hari yg sangat bererti. ohh ya, maybe a lot of people
wonders what is the real sacrifice?? i think the real sacrifice
is how we as a slave worshiping to god (ALLAH).

mungkin juga pengorbanan yg terbaik ialah mengamalkan
segala ajaran rasulullah s.a.w. yea,, different people have different
thought about this. itu terpulanglah kepada masing2. kan?

.late night.

ohh yaa, sudah lame juga ak tidak post blog yg baru since baru saja lepas
final exam. my review for the final:: yah,it's kinda tough from what i thought.
totally different from my last foundation exam. this time if you dun understand
the concept you are a dead-meat. selepas berapa2 hari exam baru aku ingat
yang my brother and my sister have reminded me that degree is different.
apa2 pon tawakal semoga result this 1st semester will be high.

cuti ini mungkin agak bosan kerana rasenyer budak2 uitm je kot? yang
da start cuti..uni laen baru nak start exam. hahah! mungkin cuty ne aku akan
bnyak tulis blog dan maen game. kalo ikot kan banyak benda yg bole buat
cuti,,let see how its going lah!

bye for now!=)

p/s: best of lucks for those taking examination!