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3...2...1.. and go!

yeah,the time has i'll pursue my study in UiTM shah alam.
all the things i hv packed yesterday.hopefully,,there will be nothing left
behind.the orientation week would be tiring and i will be happy if former
UiTM's foundation students are excluded into the list.hahahaa.
but,,it is just slightly possible will be happened.=)))

so, start the new season with good thoughts n high possibilities!

here we go again...!

setelah berbulan-bulan menghabiskan mase untuk makan dan
tido yg secukupnyaa,,akhirnye tibelahh mase untuk belajar
semula.""alwaqtu kassaiff""(waktu itu seperti pedang)..
yup,its really true.rasenye bnyak cuty2 telah dihabiskan
dengan perkare tidak berfaedah.hahaa..i should get a job but
i didn',,i got nothing.just making large size for my waist.

well,,the good news,i still manage to get my favorite university
(i guess so) for the UPU..yeah,,it is UiTM.and i got my first
choice course-electrical engineering.hopefully i'll succeed with
this course.

it's just a week before a day of the regestration.haha.jadi,aku
akn habiskn mase2 cuty yg ade ini spenuhnyee.i can't wait
to see my old friends in UiTM.. i think many of my foudation
programme friends continue with UiTM..haha.
see you there=))

hari-hari indahh =))

it has been a while since my last update.quite busy with my
brother "along" wedding preparation.after all, the wedding day
was ending superbly.though i was sooo tired on that day.
hahaa.kaki ini rase mcm merentas desa pulakk..

this is my first time,,my family arrange a wedding day.
so,that's it!!now, i know how hard to arrange a wedding day.
next stop, it will be my sister okayyy..not me!
di sini ada secebis kenangan daripada hari perkahwinan yg
lalu.sory,,i'll not upload so much pics in this blog.if u wanna see
so more pics.go to facebook!yaayy!

well, one of these pics was not captured at my house. you should
know by yourself.hahaa.hopefully,,this gonna be a happy endinggg!

new outcome.

yea,i know i just celebrated my "old day"(like my friends said in fb)
few days ago. gosh,this year many of friends have wished me.
i'm really really appreciate it.thanks a lot.i should write my
birthday, day after my birthday.eventually, i have to go to kelantan for
my brother's wedding day.hahaa.(i got new sister).
um,for my birthday..i celebrated together with my father night
before going to kelantan. we celebrated together with my cousins
with new "secret recipe" GREAT!.i wish i can make
delicious cake like them.hahahaa.

with my new age i hope i can better than before.
oh yeah!

p/s;;sorry no pics of my birthday.i dun even remember which camera
took my picture.hahaa