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so bored!

everyday,every minute,every second passed.
it'll be so bored if not fulfilled with some kind of activities.
this is what happening to me now..hahaaa..
dunno what to do lah!
it was great finished my foundation early than anyone else.
but it will be such a boredom when there are no activities during
the holidays..

guys,come on..let's play futsal!


.muvee tyme.

whoaa,,I just watched "GAMBLING APOCALYPSE KAIJI" the movie.
it was so damn cool and really keeps our mind thinking(maybe). first i thought it just like other gambler's stories and after
i saw it...humm,,it was really good.. the story lane also quite attracting i guess.
from 5 stars mybe i will give 4 star kot.hahahaa.

till here,,bye!

.a cup of tea for a soul.

sadly,deeply in my heart to see my fren which i think hv struggled very much
to me (or more precisely "us") get upset n feeling very down.
i should say, "believe that there is a light behind the dark cloud"
dun worry, god will be always beside u..
just keep praying.


very-very lucky.

negeri sembilan vs kedah.
FA cup final..congrats to negeri for winning this competition.
hopefully,,u guys will win more and more cups for the future..
to kedah,,u guys dun get upset as u should win the title.
it is just not ur lucky day.hahahaaa..
watever it is,,i'm still proud born in n9.hahaaa..


new post.

well,it has been a long time since my last time update., back to the roots..bnyk permulaan dah berakhir.
akhirnye asasi kejuruteraan di uitm && result yg baru keluar baru2 ne
mmbuatkn hati kegembiraan walaupon agk keresahan melihat result yg
menrun from my last semester..nevertheless,,i'm still glad with the result.
what i've been doing in uitm cost a lot to my results.hahaaa..

xtaw nak kate ape lg..ape2 i'll update a.s.a.p oke!