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reflection towards our observation.

pheww, lame nye tak update. bila tengok last post, last year, dec 2014. lame ke tak? terbengkalai blog. hahaha. 
okay, alhamdulillah ade juga mase untuk menulis. sikit update,  setelah beberapa bulan menjadi penganggur, dapat jugak  keje as an engineer even still in probation period. the other thing I do as financial consultant (part time). kenapa I choose this job? maybe next post. as for now, I hope I can manage both job.
I just started my job for at least 2 months which I think it just  a beginning as I am still in training. no meeting, no one-to-one client communication and so on. Ape ape pon tu sume bakal  dihadapi in near future. bila da mula saje kerja, aku suka  menjadi pemerhati, melihat perangai manusia di sekeliling. bukan some kind of judgmental  tapi suka tengok diorang  react. yeah, I know, I'm not perfect either. but the point is, how we gonna change if we don't learn from someone else?
something that I believe until now is "life is full of choice…