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happy eid 2014!

salam semuaanya!

sihat? dah nak abis my degree. waiting for the official result. hope
this last semester result comes with flying colors. apa khabar Ramadan
yang lalu? baguskah? harapannye dapat diampunkan dosa dosa yg lalu
to all my followers or whoever read this blog. thanks for following me.
walaupun kalamnye biasa biasa aje.

as for me, Ramadan yang baru berlalu dapat bertambah iman walaupun
sikit itu pun sudah cukup. nak banyak saya pon tak ngaji banyak. a lot of
things need to study about knowledge of Islam. a big of waste if we are as
a muslim just take for granted about the religion. Islam is wide and don't
ever see Islam from human. Islam is just too perfect.

so, what's next? belajar dan belajar. knowledge is power. don't let your
brain cell dead with useless things.

okay, here, selawat thobbiyah to our prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h).

that's all for now.
selamat hari raya everyone.
maaf salah dan silap atas terlanjur bicara.
more update soon!

bye for now! =) =)