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finally, end of 3rd year.

finally, glad to be home.
end of my third year of degree.
overall, semester 6 wasn't so bad.
a lot of things had changed. my old
cliques have started to split including me
of course. but its okay. we'll never get to
know anybody else if we're stuck in old
same song. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get
to know them even in a little of time.

phew, semua paper final dah abis. but the last
paper really hurted me. tak tahu kenapa mungkin
sebab semangat nak balik atau ada kurang sesuatu.
tapi, semua dah berakhir. semoga dapat result yang
memberangsangkan nanti dari semester lepas.

tak lama lagi, LI pun akan bermula. kali ini
cuti semester akan habis dengan LI. hooho.
takde lagi rehat rehat dekat rumah. hopefully,
everything will be turn out well from the
internship. cuak pon ade jugak. hahaa.


enough of me.
here some random thoughts I got from google.
what I shared here are what I have used to
live well until now. you should try it. =…